Penicuik and the surrounding area are full of surprises, waiting to be discovered! From family days out and spectacular castles with rich histories to relaxing walks and areas of natural, rural splendour, Penicuik really has it all.

If you’re looking to stay a bit longer and explore all of the Lothians, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders, Penicuik serves as a fantastic base.

Most entries have their own website, to which each heading links. All entries show GPS coordinates, which you can either paste in to your preferred search engine, or enter in to your sat-nav, so you can find them all with ease.

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Glencorse Golf Club

Founded in 1890, Glencorse Golf Club provides a picturesque way to relax over 18 holes.

55.849299 -3.200413

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Glencorse Reservoir

Not only a great walk and access point to Pentland Hills Regional Park, Glencorse Reservoir also offers trout fishing and boat hire.

55.861995 -3.252627

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Ladywood Leisure Centre

Community-run leisure centre offering a variety of activities and events.

55.836859 -3.212251

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Midlothian Snowsports Centre

Longest dry ski slope in Europe and training centre for Scottish Olympians. Open all year round.

55.887175 -3.211736

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National Mining Museum Scotland

Celebrating Scotland’s proud mining history, the National Mining Museum’s steam winding engine is the largest in Scotland and still works! The whole family can learn the fascinating story through events, activities, workshops and much more.

55.862367 -3.066688

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Penicuik Centre

A multi-use facility to exercise your body and your brain. Ample parking serves the Penicuik Library and Penicuik Leisure Centre within, including gym and swimming pool and each with a wide variety of classes and activities.

55.830806 -3.229616

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Penicuik Skate Park

Community skate park in the middle of Penicuik Park, which itself lies right in the heart of the town.

55.829993 -3.226557

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Pentland Studio

Upcoming major development near Penicuik (Planning approved in principle at time of publication): £250m film studio complex, which would provide capability in Midlothian of producing major blockbusters in cinema and television, as well as hotels, computer game development facilities and more. Watch this space!

55.881398 -3.173106

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West Street Arts Centre

With over 40 years of history and experience, the Penicuik Community Arts Association (PCAA) hosts musical performances, plays, poetry readings, art exhibitions and much more.

55.825755 -3.222739

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Whitmuir The Organic Place

Primarily a farm shop providing a wide range of organic goods, also plays host to a variety of events and activities.

55.746427 -3.289042

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Glencorse Centre

A café, events, community activities and more.

55.848316 -3.191014

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Newhall Estate

Scots baronial mansion, Newhall House, and its surroundings play host to an events venue, holiday cottages and stunning surroundings.

55.795589 -3.317520

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Penicuik Estate

Penicuik Estate incorporates a wealth of wonderful treasures, such as the Lost Garden of Penicuik and Secret Herb Garden, with a variety of rural businesses and community activity. A great and welcoming place to take a walk and explore.

55.819737 -3.250766

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Rosslyn Castle

Constructed in several phases, beginning in 1304 (possibly even earlier) and with a rich history spanning centuries of intrigue.

55.852820 -3.159856

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Rosslyn Chapel

Founded in 1446, this iconic medieval building is steeped in history and popularised after its inclusion in Dan Brown’s 2003 novel, The Da Vinci Code.

55.855323 -3.160265

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Cowan Institute/Town Hall

Perhaps Penicuik’s most famous son, Alexander Cowan, erected the Cowan Institute in 1894 for the benefit of the local community. Today, the building is still used extensively by Penicuik community groups and hosts theatre, the Penicuik Cinema and other activities and performances all year round.

55.826423 -3.220531

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Lost Garden of Penicuik

Community food production and garden regeneration project.

55.823814 -3.252754

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North Kirk

Congregation of the Church of Scotland and host to several community support groups.

55.829937 -3.223247

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Pen-Y-Coe Press

Formerly the town’s post office, the Pen-Y-Coe Press trades today and is home to an original Heidelberg press.

55.825127 -3.221992

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Penicuik Museum

Celebrating over 300 years of paper-making history in Penicuik.

55.825127 -3.221992

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Penicuik Park

Park in the centre of Penicuik, adjacent to Penicuik High school and host to rugby and football pitches, a skate park and plenty space for family recreation.

55.829993 -3.226557

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Queensway Centre

Host to a multitude of community groups and home to Penicuik YMCA and YWCA since 1969, with nursery facilities.

55.837181 -3.225845

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Secret Herb Garden

A specialist herb nursery to the north of Penicuik, with vintage furniture shop, café and greenhouse.

55.884012 -3.183651

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Bush Estate

Originally built in the 1750’s and set in amongst luxuriant parkland, Bush House itself was subject to several extensions and renovations by Scottish architects Robert and James Adam. Today, the grounds and their buildings comprise the Midlothian Science Zone. Perhaps its most famous daughter was Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal ever to be successfully cloned at the Roslin Institute on these grounds.

55.859042 -3.206369

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Dalkeith Country Park

Visit the splendid Dalkeith Palace and explore its grounds. It’s not possible to see inside the palace at the moment, but its external architecture and idyllic grounds alone are worth the visit.

55.897387 -3.086487

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Gladhouse Reservoir

Excellent walks surround this picturesque reservoir just a few miles to the south of Penicuik.

55.769801 -3.117809

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High Pond

Formerly used for curling matches in the 19th century, this part of the Penicuik Estate makes for a lovely walk. Legend has it that Lord Nelson’s successful strategy against the Franco-Spanish fleet during the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) was devised here by John Clerk of Eldin.

55.820149 -3.255685

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Pentland Hills Regional Park

Spanning three Council areas, the Pentland Hills are a stunning, unspoiled expanse of hills, reservoirs and trails. Perfect for exploring on foot or by bike. Most easily accessed from Penicuik at Flotterstone, where ample parking is provided.

55.854824 -3.225907

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Roslin Glen

The perfect way to discover Roslin and its treasures, all just a few miles from Penicuik.

55.855323 -3.160265

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Rullion Green

Site of the historic Battle of Rullion Green. Explore to see if you can find the memorial monument.

55.847834 -3.243298

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History & Architecture

Arniston House

With a history spanning almost a century, Arniston House is today a family-owned stately home, wedding venue, as well as holiday cottages and other events.

55.824072 -3.077347

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Borthwick Castle

Borthwick Castle’s 600-year history includes playing host to Mary Queen of Scots and today operates as a prestigious wedding and event venue, hotel, bar and restaurant.

55.826589 -3.007476

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Craigiebield House

Dating back to 1824, this highly attractive Edwardian building was recently refurbished and now trades as hotel, bar and restaurant “The Craigie”.

55.827746 -3.227719

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Glencorse Old Kirk

Primarily an attractive wedding venue, Glencorse Old Kirk is set in beautiful surroundings perfect for exploring and taking photographs.

55.855223 -3.209548

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Mavisbank House

An architecturally renowned gem, situated a few short miles from the town of Penicuik and the subject of extensive regeneration. A Category A-listed Ancient Monument and a must-see for architecture and history buffs.

55.874157 -3.139306

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Navaar House

Functioning today as a hotel, bar and restaurant, Navaar House dates back over 150 years.

55.825954 -3.225221

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Newbattle Abbey

An historic landmark to the east of Penicuik and dating back as far as the 12th century.

55.816942 -3.094334

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Park End and Woodslea Buildings

Penicuik’s famous Cowan family constructed beautiful accommodation for families of mill workers, now subject of the multi-million Penicuik Heritage Regeneration project.

55.824634 -3.221699

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Penicuik House

Designed and built in the 1760’s by Sir James Clerk, Penicuik House is a classic among 18th-century Scottish architecture. Sadly, it was allowed to fall in to ruin, but is now subject to extensive and ongoing regeneration. Set among idyllic woodland and a fantastic attraction in itself, Penicuik House is well worth a visit.

55.819737 -3.250766

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Railway Tavern

Predominantly used as a tavern for centuries, the building was declared unsafe before being renovated to become Haig’s Bar and Restaurant today.

55.826289 -3.222253

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Royal Hotel

Built in the 1790’s and previously the site of an inn, providing respite for weary travellers. Still a popular bar and restaurant today.

55.826600 -3.221078

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South Kirk

Category A-listed church, built in 1843 in gothic style and still in operation.

55.822751 -3.221150

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St. James The Less Church

An operational Scottish Episcopal church in the southwest of Penicuik, with beautiful architecture and surroundings.

55.824905 -3.227965

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St. Mungo's Kirk

Dating back to the mid-16th century, the partial ruins of the original St. Mungo’s Kirk can be explored right in Penicuik town centre.

55.827099 -3.219281

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Telford Bridge

Constructed in 1812 by the famous Thomas Telford and widened in 1931, the Telford Bridge revolutionised travel between Penicuik and the Scottish Borders.

55.823405 -3.221254

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Uttershill Castle

Ruins of a 16th-century tower house to the south of Penicuik.

55.822062 -3.216984

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Valleyfield Memorial

After around 300 French prisoners of war perished in Penicuik during the Napoleonic Wars, Alexander Cowan erected the Valleyfield memorial in 1830, inscribed “all men are brethren”.

55.823894 -3.218702

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