Penicuik is home to some 20,000 people, including many families with school-age children and parents returning to work.

Whether you’re looking for the best school for your children, or seeking accreditation to further your own career, Penicuik offers a wealth of schools, universities, courses and other means of broadening the mind.


From the very beginning of life, there are community groups to foster social and intellectual growth in Penicuik, as well as nurseries at Cuiken, Mauricewood, Strathesk, Cornbank and Penicuik (Pinocchio’s).

There are many community groups and play areas, such as Krazy Kidz, all aimed at helping your youngsters to play, grow, learn social skills and, most importantly, to be happy and healthy.

Primary schools

Primary schools include Cornbank, Glencorse, Mauricewood, Cuiken, Strathesk and Sacred Heart, all of which cater ably for your children throughout their formative years.

High schools

Penicuik offers two top-performing high schools: Penicuik High and Beeslack High. Not only do both perform well in national league tables, winning various awards, but each also places importance on extracurricular activities and social integration.

Further education

The Midlothian Science Zone, just two miles north of Penicuik, hosts some of the finest and highest-ranked educational and scientific institutions in the world, not least the Roslin Institute of “Dolly the Sheep” fame, the University of Edinburgh and Scotland’s Rural College. The Edinburgh Technopole, Pentlands Science Park and BioCampus cement the cluster’s reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious and well-equipped multi-disciplinary educational and scientific clusters in the world.

Penicuik’s proximity to Edinburgh, just a half-hour bus ride away from the heart of the city, places it within easy reach of yet more prestigious seats of learning: Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh College, Leith School of Art and many more.

Adult learning

Midlothian Council works closely with its many and varied educational institutions, as well as providing its own courses, aimed at providing you with the vocational skills and accreditations to pursue your dream career. Find out more here.

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